Aloe Bright Bar


Aloe Bright Bar

You always need your garments free from stains and bad odor. IMC Aloe Bright Bar is formulated with natural ingredients for removing body oils, grease stains, and cosmetic stains. IMC Aloe Bright Bar is developed for hand wash.

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Aloe, Neem Oil. Lemon and Coconut Oil.


Wet your clothes in a pail of warm water and dampen IMC Aloe Bright Bar by dipping it in water. Rub the bar on each stain for 30 seconds and let the clothes soak in the soapy water before rinsing it clean. Remove the clothes from the pail and dip the clothes in fresh water to remove the soap residue. After sometime wring out the clothes and hang it on a clothesline to dry.


It gives you powerful cleaning results. It removes tough stains. Best for hand wash, its use will not shrink the clothes. This fragrant bar helps increase the life of the clothes. Your clothes will keep their bright colours and brilliant whiteness. Clothes will not get faded even after regular wash.


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