Herbal Face Cleanser


Herbal Face Cleanser

Dirt, pollution, oil, and make-up are the impurities that make their home in your skin and are hard to remove. They can have an adverse effect on your skin, leaving it dull and accelerate the process of ageing. IMC’s Herbal Face Cleanser is a natural way of purifying and protecting your skin from these harsh impurities, making sure that even these residuals are removed with gentle care. Use it as the very first step of your everyday beauty regime and your skin will thank you with a beautiful glow.

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Aloe Vera, Neem, Haldi and Tulsi.


Wet face and gently smear it on the face. Preferably use a circular upward motion while massaging. Rinse your face with water. Use daily for a blemish free skin.


The powerful blend of Haldi and Neem helps fight pimples and even out the skin. Removes skin impurities effectively yet gently. Soothes your skin from the effects of sun exposure. Aids in preventing recurrence of acne over time.


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