Aloe Ajwain Pachak


Aloe Ajwain Pachak

Aloe Ajwain Pachak is a digestive, which can be used as an instant remedy for stomach ache, acidity, constipation, gastric problems and flatulence. An Ayurvedic medicine enriched with Aloe Vera and several other important natural herbs like Celery, Cumin, Aloe Vera, Black Salt, Ginger, Tejpatra etc. This powder can improve your digestion and keep your stomach healthy and happy. So, say goodbye to all your digestive problems with Aloe Ajwain Pachak and have a healthy stomach. Have it for anytime relief, the delicious way!


Aloe Vera, Jeera, Ajwain and Dhania.


Take 2-3 Tablets twice a day. Should not be consumed by patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension. In case of severe stomach pain, take a dose immediately for instant relief or as directed by the physician.


Gives instant relief from stomach ache. Helps cure acidity, constipation, gastric issues and flatulence. Improves digestion the natural way. Keeps the stomach happy and healthy.


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