Aloe Protein Bar


Aloe Protein Bar

ARE YOU NOT GETTING AMPLE PROTEIN? You cannot beat the convenience of the IMC Aloe Protein Bar for getting in ample protein. DO YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR BREAKFAST? If you are on the run and have no time for cooked breakfast, then having IMC Aloe Protein Bar is a highly acceptable alternative. Enriched with honey, almonds, and herbs this nutritious bar contains protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins.


Honey, Almonds, Coconut Powder and Oats.


Human body need 20gm protein after workout. Eat before or after workout. Enjoy at home with a hot drink or at your desk. Get that boost when you need it.


In addition to other nutrients, the human body needs protein to build muscles. IMC Aloe Protein Bar provides you enough protein. IMC Aloe Protein Bar has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibers. IMC Aloe Protein Bar is great when you are on the move or you are frantically driving but have not eaten in a while. At this moment it is an easily available diet. Preservatives and Artificial Sweetener have found no place in IMC Aloe Protein Bar.


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