Aloe Turmeric Cream


Aloe Turmeric Cream

Are you losing skin glow? Are you fed up with the non- stop inflammation and irritation caused by acne or pores or skin infection? Need not to worry. IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream is here to take care of the skin. IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream helps brighten the skin. It targets pores and acne. It prevents skin infection. It also sloughs off dead skin cells. Bring Out Natural Health Of The Skin With IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream!

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Haldi Extract, Ghritkumari, Cucumber, Bees Wax


Take adequate quantity of IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream. Massage it gently non the face and neck twice a day or as directed by the physician.


IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream helps to keep skin glowing and healthy. It also helps to moisture skin. As IMC Aloe Turmeric Cream prevents wrinkles in the skin so it prevents premature aging. It also helps remove tanning and sunburn.


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