Badam E Kheer


Badam E Kheer

A melange of superior taste and good health, Badam E Kheer is an exquisitely developed ready-to-eat rice pudding. Without any synthetic colours or preservatives, it provides the body with various essential nutrients, while tasting as good as home-cooked. Enriched with Almond, Elaichi and other herbs, and goodness of several other natural ingredients, it is a promise of better health in every bite.. Devour your favourite Kheer infused with the goodness of nature.


Aloe Vera, Almond, Rice and Elaichi.


Open the packet of Badam E Kheer and mix in 1kg of boiling milk. Keep the mixture on low flame for around 20 minutes. Cool it and keep it in a refrigerator. Once cold, take the dish out and enjoy the healthy and delicious Badam E Kheer.


Delicious in taste. Easy to cook. Has several health benefits. No added synthetic colours or preservatives.


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