Aloe Multigrain Atta


Aloe Multigrain Atta

Aloe Multigrain Atta is a confluence of 9 types of grains, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. 100% natural and cholesterol-free flour, it has a positive effect on health and leaves you energetic all-day long. With benefits like protecting the heart, boosting immunity, maintaining good skin etc., this product must be included in your daily eating regime for a healthier diet. Start a healthy habit today with Aloe Multigrain Atta for a better tomorrow.


Jowar, Chana and Barley.


Mix 1 kg Aloe Multigrain Atta in 10 kg wheat flour. Mix it properly and take the required amount. Make a fine dough with water. Prepare nutritious chapattis/rotis for optimum health.


Helps prevent several ailments. Reduces blood pressure and protects the heart. Boosts immunity. Leaves you active and energetic.


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